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 kawaii 🙂

time flies and it’s week20 la


where did we go

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we took a crazy route this day in Jan.. I want the Siu mai in North point pier badly.. and we took ferry from Sai Wan Ho —> Kwun Tong —> North Point (so crazy right.. why need cross the river lei.. as i saw the ferry at sai wan ho (to kwun tong) for long…. and always wanna try take it wakkakakaa… luckily BeiB dont mind taking ferry.. no boat sick wor.. and we met the grand opening of the KT Promenade Park.. but the police stopped us from entering lor.. suen lor… not for public gar mei?? i have paid tax ga wor… angry bei 😛

we spent dinner with family for rbei papa bday in apm the other day… oh we hv been so lazy to take cny photos for 2010 ah… suen la.. later can take Beib around to take heehee

cny decoration in TKS so special wor.. just like Old shanghai..

see right bei looked chubby in winter clothing waka.. look like snow ball

and in late feb and early march i started to get used to my “new" body and started to be active around hk again wakkakaka

227 in Kowloon city for lunch..221 in Mega box.. 306 went CWB for dr visit.. 305 attended Annual dinner in Aberdeen

and of course will keep taking photos on flowers downstair la heeeheee

and of course the step photo.. bought the AJ6 Sneakers (air at bottom.. so comfy lei..i think they may wear out soon as i wear every weekend and fridays wakkakaka.. i love them ah)

stitch ah

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I almost fainted in the subway station yesterday ah!!! i dare not leave home without taking breakfast fm now on la

rest at home with liger today:

see the sleepy liger wakkakakaka

the first bedding we got for beib: (20% off at Apita)

before i even got an egg, i and left bei bought this in Finland for Bei B

we are so well prepared right??

latest liger & r.bei

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see naughty liger stop me and angela from making necklaces… kept saying MINEMINEMINEMINE

I want these so badly

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I saw them in LCX before .. i am pretty sure..


wow this is so wow

超卡哇伊~ …. too bad it is for pets wakakkaka —寵物推車


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我媽媽話我唔准睇 Alice in wonderland 😦
but it is not a horror at all wor
今日都係打過底睇多次醫生好 Hope everything’s alright
(有個仲出手探、so rude and annoying 😦 )


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二月六號係好値得紀念既日子、好乖呀不斷向我地say Hi

醫生話隻不斷say hello嘅手手好似貓爪呀、


都係鍾以舉晒手打招呼say hello (我今次開心到滴左行涙、好感動)


今次覆診又係等足两個幾鍾、好彩買・帶定小克新書”愛令我變碳”去睇…無計啦我估方醫生晨早又要接生又要巡房….今次同方醫生講定左鎖定幫我接生、今個星期就去交定deposit reserve床位

今次覆診度左頸皮同驗血(抽血抽左5支!!痛呀。。個護士同路過同事搭”傘”勁分心。。手勢唔好、整天隻手赤赤痛。。王杏明。。希望唔好再遇到 wakakaka


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